Why Us

As the leading plumbers Gatesville TX there are so many reasons why you should choose us whenever booking your next plumbing project. According to legendary marketing expert Seth Godin, in order for a business to be great, they must have a “purple cow.” While that may sound strange, a purple cow is very simply the distinct ways a business stands out from your competitors in the marketplace – what makes them different from all the other “cows” in the industry? 

In a field full of brown cows, black cows, and white cows, the individual cows in the field can easily be overlooked because they all are the same color and look nearly identically. Seth Godin challenges us by asking – imagine if you saw a purple cow in the field of normal cows! If you saw a purple cow you would not only recognize how different it is from all the other cows but you would also come back and bring your friends to observe the phenomenon as well. We use this illustration to simply emphasize the importance of having things that make your business stand out from all the other boring and bland businesses in the marketplace. There are four distinct things that make us different from our competitors and the purpose of this page is to demonstrate the specifics of what those things are: 



Licensed and Certified Technicians 

At O and J Superior Plumbing our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality plumbing experience out of any plumbers Gatesville TX. Part of achieving this goal means requiring that we have the very best technicians in the area. Unfortunately, it is so common for plumbing companies or handymen to operate on your plumbing system without a license or any sort of certification. This is a dangerous game and can lead to not only costly repairs, but mistakes that can compromise the entire plumbing system of your home and even endanger the safety of your family (working with gas lines is no joke!). Whenever you work with us, you’ll be working with a plumbing company that requires each of your technicians to be licensed and certified by the Great State of Texas in the plumbing trade. Our standards for our team are rigorous as we also ensure that ongoing training and development happens with each one of our team members. In a world full of charlatans our customers can rest assured that when working with our plumbing business you’ll be working with the best technicians in the area. There is no plumbing problem too big or too small, too complex or too simple, that we can’t solve for you. If you would like to work with a team that’s licensed and certified then pick up the phone and give us a call today.


Background Checked & Drug Free Technicians 

In addition to having licensed and certified technicians, we believe that our standards and requirements for our team shouldn’t just stop here. We understand that you could have the most skilled and talented technician in the business that could also have a compromised and dangerous background. As our plumbers enter into the homes and businesses of our customers we want our customers to be sure of the quality and character of each individual entering their space. Part of what makes us such great plumbers Gatesville TX is our focus on making sure every technician is background checked and drug-free.

Criminal history of any kind is not tolerated here at O and J Superior Plumbing. Furthermore, you can rest assured that the technician entering your home is free from any type of drug use as well. It is unfortunate how many plumbing companies and other contractors do not have the standards that we provide to the people of Texas in giving them the very best plumbing experience out there. Be confident in our staff that enters your home or place of work whenever hiring us. We have high standards of our team and we wanna make sure that our customers experience the standards on each project that we do for them. Give us a call today to experience what plumbers Gatesville TX are all about. 


Union Apprenticeship Trained 

Another way that we stand out from our competitors while also ensuring the highest customer satisfaction as plumbers Gatesville TX is making sure each one of our plumbing technicians have gone through a union apprenticeship. There is no better training or development for a plumber than within the environment of a union. The union will provide ongoing training on a variety of capacities to make sure the plumber is well-versed and knowledgeable in each specific type of plumbing system – from large commercial buildings to smaller residential homes. Furthermore, the senior veterans within the union take time to mentor each plumber as they have significant pride in the work that they do in the service that they provide to the people of Texas. One of the great things about working with a union trained plumber is they understand the full complexity as well as a variety of solutions they can implement in various situations. The reason why this is so beneficial for our customers is because we can often find better ways of doing things to save our customers both time and money. If you’re looking for the highest rated plumbing company that you can trust as plumbers Gatesville TX that are union apprenticeship trained, then you will find that at O and J. Pick up the phone to schedule your first estimate that we would love to do for you completely free.


Affordable Pricing 

Are you tired of getting taken advantage of and ripped off by another plumbers Gatesville TX company? Do you wish that you could work with the plumbing company that gave you multiple options at various prices that you can afford? Does it sometimes feel like working with a plumbers Gatesville TX is like going to a car mechanic that’s trying to take advantage of you? We hear these complaints from customers all the time which is why we make sure to offer affordable and fair pricing on every single one of our projects.

We understand that plumbing problems happen whenever you least expect it and can often be costly. No one anticipates in their monthly budget to pay for a plumbing expense which is why we want to make our solutions affordable to every single customer. We strive to deliver multiple pricing options in order to best serve the needs of our customers. It can sometimes be a difficult balance to offer the full and complete solution well also offering the best price but we are able to get it done at O and J superior plumbing. If you were looking for affordable and fair pricing from your plumbers Gatesville TX to pick up the phone and schedule your first estimate with us today.